Monday 11 July 2022

Art Hub Resources and Free Courses

It has been a while and I wanted to share with you a few things that I have been working on.  I have been spending time working on creating a few courses.  I love sharing information and knowledge and what better way to do this and reach people all around the world than make a digital offering.

I want you to take a look at some of the FREE courses if you have not seen them already, some of us are on a tight budget may not always be able to spend a few hundred dollars on a course.

I have created a few FREE offerings to give you a taste of my style of teaching, get your creative juices flowing and to inspire and encourage you to do something creative each and every day.  There are currently 3 resources that I wanted to share with you:

In the Mixed Media Art Tags you get to download 7 handmade designs of art tags and I share with you 7 videos in how you can alter them and make them your own.  You also get a series of bonus videos showing how you can take the left overs and work them into mini art journal pages.  You can sign up HERE

The Art Resource Hub brings you offers, reviews, information and inspiration each month and a Free monthly Mixed Media digital download page - You can sign up HERE

Recycled Stamps and Stencils shows you how to take every day objects that and turn them into art supplies that you can use in your art journals.   You can sign up HERE

So, what are you waiting for?  I would love you to join me and find ways to keep yourself creative.  You can sometimes worry about finding the time, but if you can just put away 15 minutes for some 'you time' you will see the benefits.

For those who have been asking I am still creating art work and I will be sharing more of my pieces here over the next few weeks.

Stay Blessed and be a Blessing.

Thursday 24 February 2022

Filling the Creative Well - New Online Coures

Come and check out my new online course - Filling The Creative Well a four week course

Are you tired of listening to the negative voices when you go to create and can’t think of things to get you in that creative state of mind well the course is all about creating the systems and practices for you to continually be creative or think of creative things that you can do for yourself regardless of how much time you have.

Some of the things you will do on the course include:

  • Creating your own backgrounds 
  • Creating your own ephemera for your art journals and art activities
  • Creating your own set of cards - for  encouragement and motivation
  • Learn a selection of ways to encourage yourself with your creativity
  • Learn to repurpose your art work and create gorgeous collages
  • Learned media art techniques to create bowls from fabric and paper
  • Learn to nurture yourself 
  • Learn to use art and words to encourage yourself on a day to day basis and much more

You get several downloads to use in your creative practice

  • 90 Page PDF of Mandalas and Affirmations

  • Mixed Media Art Background Pages PDF

  • Encouraging Words PDF

  • Inspirational Shorts Audio

  • Daily words of self care PDF

  • Daily Questions to side step the critic PDF

  • Ideas and prompts for self care PDF

  • Phrases and Affirmations of Success PDF

Find out more HERE

Saturday 11 April 2020

Angel Walks - Mixed Media Art Sculpture

 Mixed Media Art Sculpture made with fabric and paper clay
Angel Walks - Amanda Trought

Angel Walks - Amanda Trought

Angel Walks - Amanda Trought

Wednesday 1 April 2020

When I was Weary you carried me - Amanda Trought

When I was weary you carried me - Mixed Media Art by Amanda Trought - 10x16 Inches

For Inquiries contact me - amanda(at)realityarts(dot)co(dot)uk 

Tuesday 31 March 2020

Art Work - Angel Watching Over Me

Mixed Media Art Sculpture with a combination of clay and fabric and embellishments - 11x6 Inches

Amanda Trought - Mixed Media Artist
Mixed Media Sculpture - Angel Watching Over Me

Amanda Trought - Mixed Media Artist
Mixed Media Art Sculpture - Angel Watches Over Me

Amanda Trought - Mixed Media Artist
Mixed Media Art Sculpture - Angel Watches Over Me

For Inquiries contact me - amanda(at)realityarts(dot)co(dot)uk 


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