Wednesday, 26 March 2014

New Art - A bit of creativity every day

Time has really flown since my last post, and I am getting myself organised to share more frequently the work that I have been doing.

Here is some of the most recent work I have done from Life book and Soul Food courses that I have been doing. I will also be sharing over the coming months some work that I will be doing for the Bloom True - Flora Bowley course, It is a 5 week course, with access after the course for 6 months, the next course starts May 12th – June 14th, 2014, so go on the waiting list to get more information!

This piece was inspired by the session led by Ayalaart.  It is the combination of two paintings.  The hat or crown was actually the roof from one of my Memories of Home series and I think that it was made for the image, she has decided that she will go to the party!

Going to the Party - mixed media 
 It has been a long time since I used a palette knife, and thoroughly enjoyed the session led by Heather Santos.  I have used the palette knife, stamping and collage on this piece.
Palette Love

I did this one in the session that Marieke Blokland shared, and my piece is called 'Sweety Pie'
Sweety Pie 
I am looking forward to sharing more pieces tomorrow.  Do let me know what you have been up to, blessings!

Sunday, 2 March 2014

29 Faces - Day 22 - 28

Well I got to the end of the challenge, it has been quite full on for me as I was also doing a couple of courses and also doing the 'I love you today challenge' which also looked at sketching every day during the month of February, mostly self portraits from images throughout my life, some of me as a child, and I have done a post on my reflections HERE.

29 Faces challenge was a great way for me to do more faces and try out different techniques, some that I really liked and some that I might not really use again.  It was also great (as it always is) visiting other blogs to see how other people have approached the challenge and find inspiration through their style and techniques tried. 

I really encourage you to take the step and if you want to see your creativity expand to take part in a challenge and start posting and sharing your work.

So here are my days 22 - 28, I am still going to be drawing on a regular basis as there is always room for growth.

Day 28
Final day, my final face for the 29 Faces Challenge.  I finished off with a fine liner and promarker pen, looking for an opportunity to grow in my use of shading and skin tone.

Day 27
Capturing older faces, and expressions, because there are so many more lines in an older face there is so many different techniques you can try.  Will do this one again, using more colour.

Day 26
A combination of promarkers and fine-liners also looking at patterns

Day 25
Playing with faces, better to spend 10 minutes a day doing a sketch than not doing anything.  I think I will use this face in a future painting.

Day 24
Wanted to do something more futuristic, then this young man showed up.  Not sure which planet he comes from, but he comes in peace!

Day 23
These were images that I also used in my Gratitude's and Celebration journal, quite smaller scale and trying to capture expressions.

Day 22
I don't draw enough men, so keeping the practice up, quick sketch to keep the hand in.

Saturday, 1 March 2014

29 Faces Day 13 - 21

I can't believe that the month went by so fast, I managed to complete the faces for the 29 faces challenge but will have to split it up and post some today and the rest tomorrow. I have mixed it up a bit and tried to vary the mediums that I have used, with the aim of trying to stretch, use new mediums and add a few new techniques along the way.

Day 21
I am getting the hang of the pen and ink

Day 20
Playing with effects, this is what you get when you use promarkers and the image bleeds through the other side, the image is totally different from the one drawn on Day 17 below.

Day 19
Re-purposed image then added additional images such as the bird and heart which were made from handmade stamps, you can see how I made them HERE

Day 18
Big hair day, pen and ink sketch with promarkers, I think I prefer using the two combined.

Day 17
Playing more with the promarkers to start of an image, and trying to work with tones.

Day 16
Playing in the journal - re-purposing old images

Day 15
Using different profile poses, which is great to practice. This young lady was also in my 'I Love you today posts.

Day 14
Thought I would try drawing some more men, was interesting to see how difficult I found it, but it was great to stretch a bit, also used promarker pens, getting use to using them in sketches which I have enjoyed
Pen and Ink with promarkers

Day 13
This is one that I also used for the I love you today series on my other blog and you can see my reflections HERE.
Pen and Ink Sketch


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